Special Cables

Thermoflow has partnerships for the supply of special cables, the main one being Concab, a company based in Germany.

The experience of over 30 years in the manufacture of cables meeting customer expectations qualifies Concab as the ideal supplier.

German quality and an extensive product line make the solutions fit any application, no matter how complex it may be.

Machines, Automation and Robotics

CC-Schleppflex® is used as a data and signal cable for power supply chains, sensors, computers and control devices for measurement and control technology.

Can be used in damp and wet areas, indoor and outdoor environment.

It has a PVC version and a PUR version for areas with the presence of aggressive mineral oils and where strong mechanical performance is required. The outer layer of PUR is cut, notched and resistant to abrasion.

Cable for Encoders

CC-Feedback Cable and PVC Sensor are used for accurate data and signal transmission for machines and Control Engineering. Additional cores ensure power to each component. The PVC-based outer shell is flame retardant and self-extinguishing (according to VDE 0482, part 265-2-1 resp. EN 50265-2-1e IEC 60332-1).

Cable for Servo Mechanisms

CC-Servo is used for electronically controlled servo motors with a supply and return cable. A special cable structure and high quality materials ensure a long service life. CC-Servo combines power cores and shielded control cores and can be used for occasional flexible applications. Compatible with Siemens solutions.

Machines, Automation and Robotics

CC-BUS used to connect industrial fieldbus systems in automation and communication technology. CC-Bus cables meet high industry standards such as INTERBUS-S®, CAN, PROFIBUS and SINEC® L2. The cables that connect devices to a busbar are important to meet the highs of accurate data transmission.

Cable for Encoders

The CC-Multinorm with UL / CSA approval is suitable for use as control, regulation and measurement especially when free and unrestricted movement is required. It is used in machine tools, installation and construction of appliances, heating, air conditioning, machine technology and other electrical equipment, as well as oil resistance stipulated under DIN EN 50525-2-51: 2012-01 and UL 2587. The outer cpa can be resistant to oil and chemicals. For the most part, it is free of silicone, cadmium and harmful substances.

Naval Cables

Power, Control and Lighting 0.6/1(1.2)kV RFOU, RFBU, RFU, TFOU, TFBU, TFCU– P1 e P1/P8 – SHF2 Mud Resistance

Naval Cables

Armed Power / Control Cable


TAPE/XLPE/SHF1 – Multiconductor – 0,6/1Kv – IEC 60331