Thermal Insulation

Thermoflow is a company that has a complete portfolio of Industrial Thermal Insulation services.

The correct dimensioning of the thickness and material of the thermal insulation will allow great energy savings. In cases of heating or temperature maintenance through the use of electrical trace cables, thermal insulation is mandatory, which will be the barrier that will prevent the loss of energy supplied by the system.

Rock wool in isotubes or blankets

In design diameter and thickness

Flexible blankets in rock wool, coated on one side with galvanized wire mesh


Rock wool in isotubes or blankets

Airgel: Pyrogel and Cryogel Blankets

Split glass wool tubes

Split Foam Glass Tubes

Split glass wool

Insulation of tanks through vertical panels;


Corrugated aluminum

Smooth aluminum or stainless steel sheets

Made of rigid Polyurethane-Polyisocyanurate foam